March 1 2015 Autocross Results

1st - Have YOU joined our facebook Autocross group?

To create improved information sharing, feedback, and community discussions, we have a new(er) facebook group for all things autocross and track.  We have 70 people already joined and some fun discussion threads too, so what are YOU waiting for? :-)

2nd - 2015 Dates are here!
Count 'em! Six, yes six season points events this year plus the Car Control Clinic! Oh baby, it's gonna be a sweet season!!!
All events at the Tire Rack test track in South Bend, IN.
May 3 (Sun) - Car Control Clinic & Intro to Autocross co-event w/ Motor City Chapter
May 30 (Sat) - event 1
June 13 (Sat) - event 2
July 26 (Sun) - event 3
Aug 16 (Sun) - event 4
Aug 29 (Sat) - event 5
Sept 19 (Sat) - event 6

3rd - Changes in 2015?
Yup, some tweaks are in the works for 2015 ... hey, another reason to join our Autocross Facebook group as you'll get sneak peeks and be able to provide input on the proposed changes ;-)

4th - Thank YOU
Thank you all for making the 2014 autocross season such a great success!  I truly hope to see everyone back again this season ... and BRING A FRIEND

Cya at the track!
Jason Powell - Autocross Chair
and the Autocross Team