Upcoming Club Events!

Annual Planning Meeting    Sunday, February 15, 2015

Join us at Theo and Stacy's in Portage MI for lunch and planning. Start Time is Noon.

This is usually a great social time as well as getting down to some planning for upcoming events and figuring out how we can make the club more fun for our members. It's all about having fun with BMW's and we want you to get your creative juices flowing and come up with ideas for events that we can put on the schedule for 2015.

We have some events that we traditionally do every year, and yet each year they are different because someone different is organizing them or we are in a different part of the state doing different stuff, never a dull moment with Michiana BMWCCA events. 

The traditional events are:

1) Car Control Clinic - End of April 1st week of May (Organized jointly with the Motor City Chapter) 

2) Spring Tour 2nd or 3rd week of May (Art and Sandy Welch have already stepped forward to organize this one) 

3) Summer drive and dine  Some time in the summer  (Need Volunteer)

4) Fall Color Tour - First or second week of October(Need Volunteer)

4)Holiday Party - First or second week of December (Need Volunteer)

5) Autocross Events Begin in May and run through September one pere month at the Tire rack. 

We need someone to come up with creative ideas for each of these events and also if you have an idea for another event we welcome your ideas and would love to try out something new. 

We have an all German car show that we partipate in annually in July - Deutsche Marques www.deutschemarquesag.com we need volunteers to help out at that event too. We want to have a strong BMW representation there. July 11th 

If you've been thinking about getting involved in the club, Feb 15th is the time to come and meet the folks. If you haven't been thinking about getting involved, now is the time to start thinking about how you can make this club everything you want it to be!

Theo and Stacy's Restaurant 

5225 Portage Road, Portage, Michigan 49002

Tel: (269) 345-3000